Jade and Joshua

We have worked with Dave for more than 4 years now. We started with general planning advice when we started our business Quark Consulting, and we transferred our insurances over earlier this year when Encounter was able to look after that as well. Cannot recommend Dave and the team enough!

Shane and Jemma

We asked for a quote on our home and contents (accidental damage) insurance as we recognised our current insurance was probably higher than it should be. Sure enough, the quote from Encounter Insurance came back at much less than expected and for better cover. Naturally we were really happy with this.

A few weeks later we had some bikes stolen and naturally, I was concerned. We had only just moved to a new insurance provider, I had no idea what it would take to process the claim.

We called Luke and he guided us through the process. It was really easy. He told us what we needed to provide, however we were never sent any paperwork. Encounter Insurance Services did all the claim work for us.

We obtained the necessary quotes and we had a phone call two days later saying that everything had been processed, the claim was approved and that we should receive payment to replace our bikes within a few days.

We were incredibly grateful for the service we received, the quick claim process and the fact that I did not need to do any of the administration!