We have all dealt with insurance agencies who are all too ready to sell you some insurance that you don’t want. At Encounter Insurance Services you can expect:

  • A person who listens – We want to make sure that we are quoting you for what you want. Our expert team will also ask questions about exactly what you require and offer advice about what you can expect from various policies. No two policies are the same and therefore we will always aim to ensure that your needs are met entirely by your insurance policy.
  • Quotes that count the coins – Not only do we all want an insurance policy that is reliable when it comes to the crunch, we also want a policy that is competitively priced. Therefore we will aim to ensure our quote is an excellent one.
  • Service that puts you at ease – When it comes time to make a claim our staff work hard to ensure everything is sorted out quickly and with as little disruption to your personal or commercial property. We aim to help you get the process sorted quickly and easily.